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mini is beautiful

Happy New Year 2013 to all Louis Vuitton's Fans.
Today I found out a new collection from an official Louis Vuitton's website.
It's mini, it's in. And they do say, good things come in small packages.

Louis Vuitton's mini icons come in different models and all shdes of colors in Epi and Monogran Vernis leathers, from bright and vivid to soften hues. The Alma BB is a smaller version of the Art Deco 1934 original and the Monceau BB - a mini replica of the 1986 classic, the Pochette Accessories a touch larger than the 1992 design. Pair with convetable leather goods made to match your chosen icon.

Louis Vuitton made a film featuring the all-new mini icons Alma BB and Monceau BB modelled by 3 bloggers. Here is a slideshow of some modeling pics of these mini bags and accessories.

There are 3 new colors of Alma BB Vernis which are Rose Indien, Rose Velours and Vert Olive.
It costs 990* euro
Detailed Features
(depth x height x width) 11 x 19 x 25 cm

Finally Louis Vuitton made an Alma BB in Epi leather. The colors are Black, Fuchsia, Piment(orange) and Carmine (red) and the price is 835* euro, which is a bit cheaper than this one in vernis,

Monceau BB is a mini remake of an old version that was made in 1986.
Monceau BB in vernis costs 1130* euro. The colors are amarante,rose indien ,rose velours and vert olive, respectively.
Detailed Features
(depth x height x width) 5 x 15 x 20 cm

Monceau BB in Epi costs 980* euro. The colors are Fuchsia, Indigo and Piment.
Detailed Features
(depth x height x width) 5 x 15 x 19 cm

Métis costs 1170* euro
(depth x height x width) 13 x 34 x 32 cm
Wise, crafted and cunning. Métis in Monogram canvas delivers on its promises with an attitude. Emphasizing silhouetters, it combines the versatility required of a contemporary bag with the elegance of the House's heritage of savoir-faire. Its two removable straps enable it to be carried in the hand, on the arm, or over the shoulder.
Pochette Métis costs  995* euro.
(depth x height x width) 9 x 19 x 25 cm
Elegance is personified in the petite shape of the Pochette Métis. Made of supple Monogram canvas, its compact dimensions open up to reveal many useful pockets and compartments.

Marie-Lou Compact Wallet 475* euro (Piment, Fuchsia,Menthe)
Detailed Features
(depth x height x width) 2 x 10 x 13 cm
1 front patch pocket under flap
1 exterior flat pocket
4 credit card slots
1 gusseted coin compartment
1 bill compartment
2 flat pockets for bills and receipts
Marie-Lou long walltet 530* euro (Figue, Piment, Fuchsia)
Detailed Features
(depth x height x width) 3 x 11 x 20 cm
1 exterior flat pocket
2 credit car slots under flap
10 other credit card pockets
1 large gusseted coin compartment
3 large flat pockets for bills and receipts
1 patch pocket for transport cards and tickets

Pochette Accessories NM
in tela Monogram Idylle 370* euro (Sepia, Encre, Fusain )
in epi leather 400* euro (Citron, Figue, Black, Fuchsia, Carmine, Ivory, Piment, Cyan)
in epi electric 460* euro (Prune and Black Electric)
in vernis 460* euro (Rose Velours, Amarante, Pomme d'amour, Rose Indien)
Detailed Features
(depth x height x width) 4 x 13 X 23 cm
Shoulder carry with removable leather strap
1 interior flat pocket.
Reinforced leather base allows it to stand upright
Only in vernis leather has a natural cowhide trim .

My Opinion

Yesterday, I went to LV boutique to see 3 new colors of a vernis line. I'm a bit disappointed about a new rose indien (dark pink). From the picture, it seems more attractive but in real life I like more another pink called rose velours which is a dusty pink color. I think you can wear more clothes with this color. I would love to see a new Monceau BB in vernis also in order to make a comparison between Alma BB and Monceau BB but unfortunately my boutique doesn't get any Monceau BB. Anyway I think if you like a mini bag, Alma BB is a good choice over Monceau BB because you can find the bag in the same shape as Monceau BB from other brands. Even though Monceau BB seems to hold more, Alma BB is still an Icon bag of the Louis Vuitton House.
For two new monogram releases, I like them both. Pochette Métis has a retro look whereas Métis has a modern and practical designs. Even though many people say that a new métis looks fake because it has a thin canvas and too thin removable shoulder strap, this bag seems versatile and practical for everyday use.

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